Batyline Colors
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Every item covered with nylon cloth can be personalized with your logo. Please kindly specify on your order if you would like to insert your personalization on the front or on the rear part of the backrest, the color (s) and the script required.

2 15 5 21


14 6 1 17



Width: 180 cm

Composition: Batyline ISO is made of composite yarns with a heat setted coated surface, the internal web is high density polyester, the external sheet is colored plasticized PVC

Tensile Strenght: NFG37.103): appr. 200 daN/5 cm

Elongation (NFG37.103) app. 25%

Color Lightfastness (NFT 51.055): app. 7

Cold Crack Temperature (NFG 37111): -25Celsius

Resistence to Micro organisms: (NFX 41.514): excellent, no stain