Rattan Bistro Chairs
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"Le Collezione" shows all the styles of bistro chairs and tables available for 2004.

"Le Finiture" (Finishes) shows how to choose your chair and table, after you know the style you like: all different materials, rattans, woods and colors.

This collection reflects the tradition, experience, and craftsmanship found in the ancient European basket-weavers and has made good use of this experience in the thirty years of work in the production of rattan furnishings accessories.   The "battyline" finish allows a finishing of the chairs with your logo and company's personalization, making the look of your furniture into a great marketing tool, as shown below....


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At first these were aimed mainly at a domestic environment, but ten years ago  they were successfully introduced into the internal and external decor contract market. Our manufacturers currently produces  a wide range of articles able to satisfy the most diverse requests for contract furnishing (in rattan, rattan core, wood rattan core-iron rattan core, etc.) The company has always been very selective in its production range, choice of raw materials, and has paid particular attention to working methods. Collaboration with companies highly prestigious in quality and design has allowed BISTROCHAIR.COM  to innovate its production line while maintaining and refining ancient weaving techniques and master craftsmanship.